Are ‘happy babies’ born or made?

Happy babies are a joy to behold, great to giggle with and fun to be around. But are happy babies born or made? This is one of the questions I will be exploring with some pioneering parents-to-be in my new course in the New Year. Pioneering might be a little strong but it does take guts to come to a brand new course – especially when it is unashamedly focussed on emotional development; both yours and your baby’s.

We embrace the physical development of our babies in pregnancy, and there are even charts to follow their week by week progress, but what is less well known is that their emotional development has also begun. The best way to nurture the baby’s emotions in pregnancy is to nurture yourself and your emotional wellbeing.  The womb is not a one way street in which you alone can feel the baby, the baby can also ‘feel’ you. Babies are affected by many influences from outside including your hormonal reactions to both stress (cortisol) and pleasure (oxytocin). In short, your relationship with your baby starts well before they are born.

The course will take a look at how humour and fun can help you nourish your emotional wellbeing and also help you to connect with your baby. More information can be found here The course is for couples. Both partners have different but vital roles for the baby. Couples who connect with their baby during pregnancy usually find it easier to build a bond with their baby after birth. More information can be found here

We will talk about the stages a baby has on their path to emotional development and what you can do to help them at each stage. We will also discuss how your emotions will change in pregnancy and when you have a baby. This is quite normal as are the physical changes you experience. I will discuss attachment parenting which is designed to nurture resilience, confidence and calmness in both you and the baby – starting now!

The course aims to be fun and interactive and includes film clips – of babies of course. I want to start you and your baby on the best possible course to happiness! For more information and to book your place