The Story so far this Autumn

I am hosting a “Happy Baby” Film Night at the Trinity Centre in Gosforth. The plan is to show several short film clips I have accumulated over the years which parents find the most interesting and useful. The aim as always is to provide information on how to help your baby feel calm, secure and happy. My sessions are usually very informal, chatty and hopefully enjoyable. Many of the clips are provided free by Harvard University. Their aim in providing these clips is to make sure parents realise their crucial role in their baby’s emotional development in the early years. Parents tell me that having this understanding and insight is helpful.

Interestingly, and perhaps the catalyst for me starting these “Happy Baby” workshops, is that there is lots of information on physical care and development but less on emotional care. I wonder if this goes some way towards explaining the apparent increase in children that are troubled or anxious?

I will address this on my trip to Belfast too. I’m so impressed by their vision in organising BabyDay. The minute I heard about it I knew I had to be involved. It is a massive undertaking across Belfast, providing a huge array of different ways to celebrate babies. It is pioneered by Replay Theatre and includes everything from singing, drama, play and art all to celebrate our youngest citizens. My contribution is a ‘Baby Shower with a Difference’. The idea of the baby shower is an American import and although meant well, to my taste could come over as a little sickly or materialistic! That is why mine aims to be more grounded and authentic and is subtitled ‘How to give a baby the gift of happiness’. I’m hoping to show how mums, dads, friends and families can do so in both practical and emotional ways.

When I return I have my final free ‘Happy Babies’ taster session this time at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. It is most useful for women and their partners in the second trimester. This gives time to understand and prepare for the baby’s emotional development. In addition women tend to have space in their heads to be informed about their baby’s development during this trimester. In the third trimester their focus, understandably, moves closer to labour and delivery. I must just take this opportunity to thank the Midwifery Team and their managers in Gateshead for being so welcoming and supportive of ‘Happy Babies’ look forward to working with them in the future.

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