Baby Sleep Workshop

It is well known that most parents struggle through the first weeks, months and sometimes longer with their baby’s sleep. This is hardly surprising as newborns may sleep around 18 hours a day but usually just in short bursts of two to three hours. This is bearable during the day but a lot harder at night when it interrupts parents’ sleep. Initially as the babies need to feed often there is little choice but to grin and bear it.

However, as time progresses as baby needs to feed a bit less parents have a little more say! What parents do here, the patterns that are established for good or ill are important for you and your baby. Many parents slip into routines in the wee small hours that their daytime selves do not want. It is so easy to fall into these patterns when you are tired, I know having done this myself. Even though we don’t want to it is a fairly common occurrence.

However, help is at hand in a new Baby Sleep Workshops starting next month. The first one will be on March 12th and aims to cover topics such as: normal sleep development, whether to have the baby sleep in parents’ room or their own room, slings, dummies and sleep routines. In addition, how to cope with the demands this puts on new mums and dads.

The workshop is suitable for expectant couples or those with babies. It will be friendly and supportive with lots of free coffee on hand. Having been there myself I realise how difficult a time this can be – all the more reason to get together and help each other out with hints and tips. Information given out during the workshop will be based on the NICE guidelines, their recommendations are based on the latest evidence based research in this field.