Specific, personal, individual advice

Nature obliged us with a bright, Saturday, spring morning for the first Baby Sleep Workshop in Newcastle. Our room was warm and cosy, there was cake and coffee so we were off to a flying start! The parents who came were resourceful, intelligent and caring people all with first babies and all with pertinent, relevant questions about their baby’s sleep.

They were capable, modern people who had already mined the wisdom of google for answers. The trouble with the internet, books and leaflets is that the advice is general and all parents and babies are different. What is missing from these searches is the specific, individual personal advice so that is exactly what we addressed at the workshop.

All the parents had a chance to discuss their own situation. They were patient, respectful and generous with each other. It felt like a relaxed, comfortable and honest conversation as they took turns to tell the others about their different circumstances. They intuitively gave each other enough space to tell their story without intrusions. Everyone then contributed some nurturing, gentle and thoughtful suggestions for one another.

Two things stood out from the feedback received. Everyone found it useful to hear about the other parents’ situations and everyone valued having specific, personal, individual advice for their particular set of circumstances. It seemed to be welcomed by the attendees so I plan to repeat it at least twice and possibly regularly. I for one am curious to know the outcome for these families who shared a precious slice of their lives with each other and to hear from new parents too.