Comfort Zone has helped numerous businesses to train more emotionally intelligent employees.

Training for Businesses

I aim to help any business that wants more emotionally intelligent staff. I have applied information and experience gained over twenty five years as a Clinical Psychologist to a programme called Comfort Zone. The programme enables staff to assess, monitor and change the emotional tone of their interactions with others. The aim is to keep these others – your customers – in their comfort zone.

Recognition for Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone has been piloted, peer reviewed, published and presented at the following conferences:

  • Northern Association of Infant Mental Health December 2013
  • World Association of Infant Mental Health June 2014
  • Marce Society September 2014
  • British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology December 2014

Child Care

If you run a child care business, Comfort Zone is an excellent grounding for your staff as it will help them to ensure children are happy and well-behaved.

Comfort Zone is based on Attachment Theory (Bowlby 1969) and provides staff with a tool to guide their interactions with children. Its primary aim is to promote children’s emotional wellbeing, underpinning children’s positive experience of your service and reducing disruptive behaviours.

It can be also be shared with parents and used in a home-school partnership for maximum consistency for the child. Staff can be trained in a day and it can be used every day thereafter.

Staff Care

I can help staff with any psychological problem. However my speciality is perinatal psychological problems – those which occur for men and women during pregnancy and the baby’s first year.

Many businesses will be familiar with the problems that can arise as new parents struggle to achieve a good work – life balance. These can often be minimised with the right support immediately before and after birth.

The most common perinatal mental health problem is postnatal depression (PND). Many women and some men experience PND or fear it. However with the right care and support many cases can be prevented. Drawing on two decades of work I have developed two prevention programmes called Born Bonded and Comfort Zone to minimise the likelihood of problems arising. I can provide this training for the whole workforce or see people on a one-to-one basis.

Customer Care

A major theme in my work is “emotional intelligence”. This can be invaluable in a number of customer service settings, ensuring positive customer relations and heading off time consuming complaints or costly legal disputes before they arise.

The basis for my approach is Comfort Zone, which offers the advantage of enabling people to apply the learning that takes place in families to the world of work. I train staff to ‘tune-in’ to the emotional tone of customers’ communications and to adjust their responses in order to help customers stay in their comfort zone. This supports positive and effective communication with customers, even when things go wrong.

Training in this takes one day and it can be used every day thereafter. Many staff in human services have been trained in my approach, and most say they love it!

More Information

I can assist businesses with consultation, training and workshops. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and find out more.

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