Parents and Families

I have found that pregnancy and parenting is a time of so many changes many people want to check out if what they are experiencing is normal! Once reassured people feel happy to move on. My aim is to understand your concerns and discuss with you the best options to address them. You are then free to continue with me or go elsewhere as appropriate.

25 Years NHS Experience

I have twenty five years experience of working as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS and Voluntary Sector helping parents with their own or their family’s problems. In the NHS my work was with parents to be and those with young children. In the voluntary sector the focus was on supporting Foster Carers and Adopters.

Many psychological problems are preventable and I am passionate about early intervention and prevention hence my development of two such programmes Born Bonded and Comfort Zone. Born Bonded is aimed at pregnant parents and Comfort Zone is best for babies and children. They will help you get it right from the start and promote the development of happy healthy children.

I can possibly help with any psychological problem although as a perinatal specialist I have particular expertise in helping men and women with antenatal anxiety, postnatal anxiety, antenatal depression, postnatal depression, traumatic birth, baby bonding and adjustment to parenthood.

Recognition for Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone has been piloted, peer reviewed, published and presented at the following conferences:

  • Northern Association of Infant Mental Health December 2013
  • World Association of Infant Mental Health June 2014
  • Marce Society September 2014
  • British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology December 2014

Case Studies

Baby Blues

Katie was relieved to know that she did not have postnatal depressionShe found herself in floods of tears following the birth of her son. ‘It made no sense’ she said ‘he was a planned and wanted baby’. Katie stated that she read my website which explained that 80% of women get the baby blues in the early days following birth. It usually passes in a few days. Katie said ‘I thought I had postnatal depression I was so glad for the reassurance’.

Postnatal Depression

Tom was worried about his wife, Sophie, following the birth of their baby. ‘She just seemed in a world of her own…distant. I looked at the section about postnatal depression on your website and it seemed to fit what I was seeing. I spoke to Sophie about it but she said she was fine, just a bit tired. But as time went on and things didn’t get better I asked her to look at your website. Having read it she agreed to visit her doctor to see if he could help. I’m pleased to say after a couple of months she was back to normal’.

Postnatal Depression & Grieving

Shirley said that she tried reading about postnatal depression but she still felt low. Unfortunately Shirley’s mother had died when she was a child and following the birth of her own baby she was struggling to cope. Shirley opted for a 1-1 with Brenda and said ‘Brenda was really helpful, she worked out that I had not grieved for my mum. A few sessions later I suddenly felt better, I had space in my heart for the baby and my love for him just grew and grew’.

How can I help?

In the first instance you might want to ask me a question – I can offer general advice and guidance, or I can give you personalised advice, treatment and support on the telephone.

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