Psychologists use Born Bonded and Comfort Zone to help patients regulate their emotions and relationships.

Training for Psychologists

I worked in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist for 25 years, the latter half in perinatal mental health services. Based on that experience I developed two intervention programmes, Born Bonded and Comfort Zone. They are simple, visual interventions Born Bonded is an antenatal intervention whereas Comfort Zone has a much wider application in schools, hospitals and community settings. Training packages are available for both programmes which can be used on an individual or group basis.

Clients of Clinical, Health, Forensic, Counselling Educational and Occupational Psychologists could all benefit – indeed anyone who wants to regulate their emotions and relationships. They are useful additions to your ‘toolkit’ as there are few interventions in this area.

What is Born Bonded?

  • Born Bonded is the antenatal version of Comfort Zone which is an intervention you can use with parents to be to help them meet the emotional needs of their baby
  • It is potentially most effective when used in pregnancy
  • It is based on Attachment Theory (Bowlby 1969) and aims to promote secure attachments

What is Comfort Zone?

  • Comfort Zone is an intervention based on Attachment Theory (Bowlby 1969)
  • If provides a simple structure to understand emotions
  • It can be explained to both adults and children to help them successfully manage their own emotions

Recognition for Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone has been piloted, peer reviewed, published and presented at the following conferences:

  • Northern Association of Infant Mental Health December 2013
  • World Association of Infant Mental Health June 2014
  • Marce Society September 2014
  • British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology December 2014

How can Comfort Zone help psychologists?

  • It takes only one day to train to use an intervention that will be suitable for many clients
  • It is one of a very few interventions that focuses on emotions
  • It is empowering and useful for your clients

More Information

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