Comfort Zone intervention trains teachers how to empower children to regulate their emotions.

Training for Teachers

Empower children to take responsibility to regulate their own emotions. I have trained teachers in both primary and secondary schools to do just that using my Comfort Zone intervention.

Many teachers agree that getting and keeping students calm and focussed is one of their most difficult tasks. Indeed Comfort Zone will be useful to support pupils with additional emotional and behavioural needs. Comfort Zone is a simple visual tool with resources to support it. Initial pilot data for Comfort Zone’s use with young people are promising and this is currently the subject of a more in depth research project.

What is Comfort Zone?

  • Comfort Zone is an intervention designed to help children to regulate themselves emotionally
  • It provides a simple, easy to use structure and language that helps teachers communicate with children how to manage their emotions successfully
  • It can be used individually with children or with a whole class

Recognition for Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone has been piloted, peer reviewed, published and presented at the following conferences:

  • Northern Association of Infant Mental Health December 2013
  • World Association of Infant Mental Health June 2014
  • Marce Society September 2014
  • British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology December 2014

How can Comfort Zone help teachers?

  • It can help a whole class remain calm and focused
  • It can be used by pastoral staff to help children who are struggling with emotional problems
  • It can also be shared with parents and used in the home as a partnership

More Information

I can assist teachers with consultation, training and workshops. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and find out more.

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