Antenatal Anxiety

What is Antenatal Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a normal reaction – in a threatening situation adrenaline is released and our flight or fight mechanism is activated. This dates back to our days when we might have to run from predators in order to survive.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is activated in normal or non-threatening situations. If this occurs when you are pregnant then you may have antenatal anxiety.

Antenatal anxiety can affect both men and women.

Signs and symptoms

It is normal to have some worries during pregnancy. Such as:

  • Will the baby be ok?
  • Will I bond with the baby?
  • Will I cope with the birth?

However you may be experiencing antenatal anxiety if:

  • You worry, or are stressed a lot of the time
  • You are having distressing thoughts
  • You have physical symptoms (such as feeling panicky, nausea, sweating)

Treatment options

It is important to seek treatment for antenatal anxiety as it can affect the baby as well as the mother. Speak to your doctor, midwife or health visitor about it. Relaxation, medication and/or talking treatments may all be able to help.

How can I assist?

In the first instance you might want to ask me a question via email – I can offer general advice and guidance, or I can give you personalised advice, treatment and support throughout your pregnancy on the telephone.

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