Postnatal Anxiety

What is Postnatal Anxiety?

Anxiety can be a normal reaction – in a threatening situation adrenaline is released and our flight or fight mechanism is activated. This dates back to our days when we might have to run from predators in order to survive.

Anxiety becomes a problem when it is activated in normal or non-threatening situations. If this occurs in the weeks or months following the birth of a baby then you may have postnatal anxiety.

Postnatal anxiety can affect both men and women.

Signs and symptoms

Although having a baby can be a joyful time there are also a lot of changes to which you will have to adjust. Not least is the challenging task of looking after baby when your energy might be quite low. It is normal to have some worries such as:

  • Is the baby ok?
  • Am I a good mother?
  • Am I a good father?
  • Have I bonded with the baby?

However you may be experiencing postnatal anxiety if:

  • You worry, or are stressed a lot of the time
  • You are having distressing thoughts
  • You have physical symptoms (such as feeling panicky, nausea, sweating)

Prevent and reduce Postnatal Anxiety

The negative effects of postnatal anxiety are well documented and yet many cases are preventable or reducible with prior preparation. This is a unique service based on 25 years’ experience in this field designed to help to:

  • Prevent postnatal anxiety occurring by resolving problems early and promoting emotional resilience using a range of psychological strategies
  • Provide focussed and immediate treatment to shorten the length of postnatal anxiety
  • Lessen the negative effects of postnatal anxiety by including baby and significant others in treatment

Treatment options

It is important to seek treatment for postnatal anxiety as it can affect the baby as well as the mother. Speak to your doctor, midwife or health visitor about it. Relaxation, medication and/or talking treatments may all be able to help.

How can I assist?

In the first instance you might want to ask me a question via email – I can offer general advice and guidance, or I can give you personalised advice, treatment and support on the telephone.

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