Happy Babies

  • Most parents want their baby to be happy and it can be very helpful to understand how this all works.

When our babies are born, they are thrust into a world that is new, stimulating, and unlike anything that they have ever experienced before. As parents, it is our responsibility to help our children to navigate this exciting and frightening new world. To do this, we have to begin by understanding our babies’ emotional needs. A challenge when unlike us, babies cannot speak.

Most of us are experts in recognising our babies’ physical milestones, like learning to hold their head up independently, to talk and eventually to walk. Unfortunately, not many parents know how to recognise the crucial emotional milestones that babies will pass through in their early years.

Recognising these mile stones is crucial to meeting your babies needs and cultivating a HAPPY BABY.

I am a clinical psychologist, with over 25 years experience working within the NHS. During this time, I have worked with babies, pregnant women and expectant families. I believe that every parent has a right to a stable and happy bond with their baby, and in my happy baby workshops I hope parents will leave with a better understanding of how this may be accomplished. The workshops can be attended at any point during pregnancy, preferably from as early as 12 weeks.

Sessions for parents to be

Happy Baby Shower Workshops: A baby shower with a difference for pregnant women and their partners. How to give your baby the gift of happiness. This relaxed, informal workshop will explore how to lay the foundations for your baby’s future well being starting before they’re born.

One to one sessions: Let me help you be ready to offer your baby the best start in life.

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Sessions are available on request. Please contact me to find out more.

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