I can offer general advice and guidance, or I can give you personalised advice, treatment and support via telephone consultations.

1. What can I help with?

As pregnancy and childbirth is a time of so many changes many people just want to check out that what they are feeling is normal!

I may be able to help with any psychological problem however as a perinatal specialist I have expertise in helping men and women with:

I also have packages aimed at preventing postnatal anxiety and postnatal depression.

2. What is a Perinatal Consultant Clinical Psychologist?

A perinatal clinical psychologist is an expert in helping men and women with normal feelings and emotional problems from conception through childbirth and until the child is one year old. If you want more specific information, working backwards:

A Psychologist is someone who studies the science of mind and behaviour. To call yourself a Psychologist you must have a degree in psychology. The professional body for Psychologists is the British Psychological Society.

A Clinical Psychologist has completed a psychology degree plus a three year post graduate qualification in the assessment and treatment of emotional and behavioural problems. To work as a Clinical Psychologist in the UK you must be registered with the HCPC.

A Consultant Clinical Psychologist has reached the most senior level in their profession.

A Perinatal Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialises in the assessment and treatment of emotional problems that occur in men and women from conception and until the child is one year old.

3. What can I not help with?

If you are extremely distressed or suicidal you will probably need more intensive treatment than I can offer. I would suggest you seek an urgent appointment with your doctor or if you can’t wait contact out of hours or emergency services.

Also please bear in mind that in a telephone consultation I cannot see you and so I operate within that limit.

4. How does it work?

If you would like to you can start by asking me a question on an enquiry form. If I’m online I’ll answer straight away if not I’ll answer as soon as possible. I can answer general questions this way, however if you would like me to discuss your individual concerns in detail I would suggest a telephone consultation.

If you would like a telephone consultation with me click the ‘book a consultation’ button below and you can choose and book a time that is convenient to you. I will call you at the time you have chosen. Your first appointment will be free and for 15 minutes. We will discuss your concerns and I will inform you of what I think will help. You can then choose to continue with me or seek help elsewhere as appropriate.

5. Is it confidential?

Yes, except where safeguarding issues arise. This is where you are in danger from others or a danger to yourself or others – in these circumstances all practitioners have a duty of care to inform your doctor. I will ask you for the name and address of your doctor but this and all other information that you give me will be confidential. If I have to contact you doctor with a safeguarding issue I will always endeavour to discuss this with you first.

6. How much do you charge?

£60 per 50 minute telephone consultation. Fees are paid at the time of booking. Fees are not refundable but I will offer a subsequent session if the original session is cancelled with 48 hours notice.

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