Bundle: Born Bonded & Comfort Zone eBooks

by Brenda McLackland

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Product Description

This bundle contains two eBooks; ‘Born Bonded: Start bonding in pregnancy’ eBook and ‘Comfort Zone: A self-help guide to parenting’ eBook.

Born Bonded eBook

The Born Bonded eBook is a guidebook for both men and women, parents-to-be. It has been written for the general reader, rather than people with more complex needs. The aim of this guidebook is to help you bond with your baby and to start doing so before birth. It has three sections: firstly why bonding is crucially important for your baby, good for you, and how it can make the whole business of parenting so much easier for life. This includes an explanation of your baby’s emotional development, their brain development and how the two are related.

In section two I will show you how to bond, introducing you to a unique approach called ‘Comfort Zone’ that can help you get it right from the start. As with many good ideas the beauty of this approach is both its simplicity and its power to help you to develop your own strategies for success.

Finally we look at prior preparation for parenthood. Forewarned is forearmed! A little knowledge about some of the common difficulties that can occur and some strategies for success may help. If not, what to do if further assistance is required.

Most parents want what is best for their baby; however some struggle more with the emotional side of parenting than the simpler business of physical care. Unlike a DVD player, a baby does not come with a ‘How to’ manual! The challenges of the early days with a baby can outweigh the joys at times. This is where prior preparation is essential. Without this, problems can become overwhelming, the joys diminish and depression may occur.

– Why is bonding important?
– Baby’s emotional development
– Baby’s brain development
– Why baby-parent bonding feels good
– How to bond with your baby
– Attunement
– Attachment
– Comfort Zone
– Prior preparation for parenthood
– Strategies for success
– What are some of the common difficulties?
– If further assistance is required

Formats: PDF
Pages: 24
Released: February 2015

Comfort Zone eBook

Comfort Zone eBook is a self-help guide to parenting for the general reader. It follows on from the Born Bonded eBook written for pregnancy.

The Born Bonded guidebook aimed to start the bonding process in pregnancy and Comfort Zone’s task is to carry it on and build on it when the baby is born. It aims to show parents how important they are in laying the foundations for their child’s future happiness.

We now know that the first few years of a child’s life are when patterns are established and corresponding physical connections are made in a child’s brain. These patterns form as a result the relationships a child experiences, their interactions with significant figures in their life – normally their parents. Once a child has these patterns established they become much harder to change later. So it is important you know about them early so you can establish great patterns for your child. This book aims to help you do just that!

Comfort Zone aims to achieve this by helping parents to ‘tune-in’ to their child’s emotions and responding to them appropriately. When this occurs it promotes positive patterns and a happy and secure start to life.

– Forming a secure bond with your baby
– Attunement: make the right decisions when interacting with your baby
– Attachment: the three types of attachment
– Comfort Zone
– The Zones: hot, cold, and comfort
– Strategies for success
– How to use Comfort Zone
– Staying ahead of problems
– If further help is needed

Formats: PDF
Pages: 22
Released: February 2015